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How much is it to rent  a frozen drink machine from Frozen Drink Man?

Our average price is $115.00, which includes a Frozen Drink Man machine, One batch of mix, 50 - 12oz. cups, extension cord, our 5-gal. pre-measured mixing jug,  and a heavy duty Rubbermaid(TM) cart (w/skirt) is included. Each additional bottle of mix is billable at $15.00 as used. You will only be charged for opened bottles. Typically we leave extra bottles as a "just in case". It is always better to be long than short on mix supply. We also offer free local delivery and pickup.


Are the machines easy to use?

Yes. At delivery, each easy step of machine operation and refilling procedures are covered verbally to ensure a successful event. Furthermore, you can always call us if you need help.


Who provides the liquor?

You, the customer, provides all the needed liquor.


How far in advance should I reserve my machine?

Frozen Drink Man has a large inventory of machines. 3-5 days is normally adequate to get your delivery scheduled. Last minute orders are usually no problem. 


What type of electrical requirements are there?

Very good question. Each machine requires an independent electrical circuit. That means 120 volts/15 amps per machine. This is not necessarily the same as it's own outlet. We will bring HEAVY DUTY electrical cords with us, so have your location picked out in advance. Max distance from outlet is 25feet. Please consult your "Utility Person" if you do not understand which circuits in your location would qualify.


Where should I place the machines?

The machines come on their own heavy duty carts. They must remain on these carts as placed by Frozen Drink Man. It's best to place your machines in a location that does not require traversing any stair. We understand that small steps may be necessary, but we cannot deliver machines to locations with real stairs. Also beware of sun and rain. The machines should be kept out of the sun and rain.


What should I do with extra mix?

If you have mix left in your machines at the end of your party, grab a container or Zip-Loc freezer bags and either freeze or refrigerate it. If you use a container with a large opening you can better spoon the delightful iced-drink out (frozen of course) and enjoy it as a dessert. Margarita's on the rocks is another way our left-overs are enjoyed.


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