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Purchase Your Own Machine!

Frozen Drink Man not only rents, but we can sell you the same high quality machines we use in our rentals. 

Normally, new machine orders will be drop shipped to your location to save you money.

We do not keep new machines on site but we order to suit your specific needs when you're ready to purchase.

Shipping charges apply to all purchases.


Below, are listings for quality used equipment that is currently available from our Tampa location.


Faby 2 Bowl .... $1,250

Condition: Used
Features: used-faby2

  • 2 x 3 gallon bowls in polycarborn plastic are easily removed to facilitate cleaning.
  • Stainless steel evaporators.
  • Slush density settings can be regulated for each bowl.
  • Double covers to make bowl filling easy.
  • High chilling capacity for quick and efficient production even in the hottest weather.
  • Over-freeze cutoff switch to prevent damage to augers.
  • Defrost timer--user determined defrost times.
  • Lighted top displays.
  • Individual bowl controls for freeze and auger controls.


Call to order: 813-641-1700




Q & A

Why does the freezing cylinder size matter?
The freezing cylinder is where your frozen beverage resides before it is dispensed into your cup. The larger the freezing cylinder the more product you have ready for serving a one time. As the product is draw into cups, the liquid mix is fed back in to the freezing cylinder causing the newly added liquid to freeze. Simply put, the larger the cylinder, for more frozen product you have at any one time.


Why does the hopper size matter?

The size of the hopper dictates how much mix you can place into the machine before you need to refill. The hopper is reservoir which holds the mix which hasn't been drawn into the freezing cylinder yet.


Are these Commercial Grade Machines?

Yes. We carry machines just like you will see in bars, restaurants, C-Stores, bowling alley's, etc....

No ice is required for our machines, and most only require a dedicated 110 volts/15-20 amp circuit.

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