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  • In most cases, delivery will be on Friday and pick up on Monday. If there is a problem with these days,  be sure to mention it and we will make necessary arrangements.
  • When a quote is provided to you, this amount will reflect an estimate according to the information you have provided to us regarding your event. Most likely the total cost of Mix used will be the only thing that changes from the estimate.
  • Please make sure that a Dedicated Electrical Circuit is available in the proximity (within 25 feet) of where you want the Machine placed.
  • This means that we need the whole circuit (breaker) per Frozen Drink Machine, and no other appliance will be able to use this circuit. Keep in mind, that a circuit might have multiple outlets and that only ONE outlet on that circuit is suitable for use.
    Our machines are serious commercial grade Frozen Drink Machines, and they require robust circuits.
  • Please find a location that is covered with shade (only if partying outdoors). This helps the Machine in 2 ways. First overhead protection provides coverage from the occasional rain shower. Secondly, it helps speed up the freezing process. We DO NOT provide the alcohol for your machines. This is up to you the customer, whether (or how much) your drinks contain alcohol. The use of alcohol is the responsibility of you the customer, and not Frozen Drink Man. You will be ultimately responsible for obeying all rules and regulations. Especially regarding under-aged drinkers, and the general well-being of your party-goers.

  • Our Frozen Drink Machines are commercial grade. This means that they are very heavy. A typical machine filled with all the liquids can easily weigh over 180 lbs. When we leave a machine at your party, it will be placed in the most convenient, yet safest possible location, so as not to be of any danger to you and your guests. It will be the responsibility of the customer to protect the welfare of the guest, as well as the Machine from any unexpected harm.

  • Now....Go have FUN!!!

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